Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September, you've done just fine

I was a little stressed about you September, but somehow you exceeded my expectations by 200%. Feeling super blessed, super happy, and super excited that we haven't had a 100 degree day in, oh, at least a week.

Now for some pictures. None of which are exceptionally good quality.

The above two pictures are how we started the month off right, in San Diego. Cart jumping and the beach included.
 We moved all of our curtains up about a foot so they wouldn't drag on the floor anymore. When we asked the maintenance guys for some cover up paint to cover the very tiny holes from their previous spot, they gave us the wrong color. And I didn't realize until too late. I think this is hilarious.

More to come later, probably :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Four photos and a song for Friday

Picture from Hawaii last December

^^^ and vvv pictures from San Diego over Labor Day

Also, is anybody else as obsessed as I am with this song by Lorde? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can't decide if I'm ready for September or not.

So today has been a HUGELY successful organization/planning my life day (so far). I had one of those last week too, so hopefully this trend continues? I spent a lot of the morning reserarching/brainstorming ideas for one of the three big "events" I am in charge of next month. Ummm, seriously, "events"? Three? I am the worst event planner/make-it-happener ever. I can't even get young women's started on time every Wednesday. I don't even like parties. (That's a lie...) And everything in me has for so long been anti-cheesy decorations and themes and invites and favors and centerpieces and etc and etc and etc that come with "events" and now i have to figure that out and somehow make it not cheesy? So I am kind of feeling like I have three elephants on my plate and I have to eat all of them within one month??? Anyway.

I'm planning/in charge of:

1. Young Women in Excellence (I have NO idea what I'm doing, just in general, but especially here)
NOTE: All the frustration/anti-cheesey feelings expressed in the above paragraph are ALL in relation to this event. The bottom two will be really fun and I am looking forward to them. And I'm looking forward to this, too, really. Mostly once it's planned.

2. The first monthly meeting of the Phoenix Picnic Club (My mother-in-law already hooked me up with great invite ideas-phew!)

3. A baby shower. I just went to one last month with the best games, so I am just gonna use those.

So this morning amidst organizing my young women binder and researching/brainstorming ideas for Young Women in Excellence, I started thinking about all the things I am doing in September. Those three things. Plus somewhere along the way I decided it is time to do a major declutter/organization of my whole life. Started last week, so that is technically an August and September project, but in my mind August is already gone. And in real life it basically is too. When did that happen?

And then I just got carried away, and I even wrote down my big projects/"events" for September and October. And then I started thinking of November and December, which of course include my anniversary and the holidays, so those months are already booked.

And then it seemed to me that 2013 is basically already over.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

The good news is it motivates me to do more stuff so I actually have something to show for this year.

Which is probably why I wrote all of this on here?

And why I am putting these pictures right here at the end. Because this month I also discovered I can layer filter upon filter on my favorite camera app. Don't even ask how many filters it took to get the grass looking so green.

I know my fingers are in the way, but for some reason I just think this is the coolest picture.

How cute is he. This is actually a selfie, Terry's into that in case you didn't know.

Hahaha...This is not a selfie. Mine never turn out this hilarious.

The end.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tragedies of Summer

Arizona heat and our five day vacation might just have been the death of these two girls. For sure of girl number one, Tomato. I'm still nursing (aka watering) girl number two, Jasmine, back to health.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sonnet James (aka best dresses ever)

So last week I was doing my thing, surfing the web, when I discovered Sonnet James. Sonnet James is a company started this year, I believe and it's tag line is "play dresses for playful moms".

So I instantly fell in love with these dresses. Especially, The Stella. Also, The Alexa. Okay, and The Chloe and The Teddy. I actually like them all.

Unfortunately, the dress I was prepared to buy (The Stella) was sold out in my size. So I emailed Whitney, the genius behind Sonnet James and she told me that she was starting a Kickstarter (it's that online fundraising program) this weekend to fund Sonnet James. Right now Sonnet James is only able to carry dresses in sizes extra small and small, because of production costs. The Kickstarter funds will be used to produce dresses in sizes medium and large as well, so women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy these beauties.

Also, the dresses normally retail for $78-$98, with $98 being more of the norm. Something great about the kickstarter is that the first 100 people to donate $65 + get a free dress as a reward. So you get a $98 dollar dress for $65 (or more, depending on your generosity/budget). So, also a great deal.

And guess what! As of last night, the kickstarter is UP!!!!! Here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1378041729/sonnet-james-play-dresses-for-playful-moms.

I love these dresses for several reasons. First of all, they are beautiful and flattering. Second of all, they are durable, and you are able to move around in them. Third, you can wear them both in and out of pregnancy. Fourth, they are modest and keep us ladies covered up in all the places we want to be covered up, especially when we are playing with kids, or out running errands, or WHATEVER! And lets be honest, a good looking, durable, non-fussy modest dress can be hard to find.

So go check the dresses out and go support a great cause!

Monday, July 1, 2013

(mini) Cali trip

My family came to visit in the beginning of June, and while we had a ton of fun here in Arizona, we also took a mini trip to California. My dad had to do some business in my mission, of all places! So of course I was not about to lose a chance to go visit my mission and all the wonderful people there. Terry had to stay in Phoenix and work, so he wasn't able to come. Everyone missed him, but I missed him the most.

There is soooo much to do in SoCal, but since we were really only there for two days, we spent basically all the time visiting people. We did take two quick trips to the beach, one in Encinitas, one in Laguna Beach. My little brother Zach was with us and he was probably SO bored! But my parents and I loved it! My parents haven't met anyone from my mission before, and it was really fun to introduce all these people I love to each other!

And now for the pictures. There are a lot.

My cute parents in front of Swami's beach in Encinitas.

What I like about this picture is that none of us are really smiling at the camera. We're kind of grimacing
We went to Encinitas the first day (as shown in the above pictures) then drove up to Laguna Beach and stayed the night in a hotel there. We got to wake up and take a walk on a beautiful beach in Laguna, which was awesome (as shown below). Before we left that afternoon we got to see some of my favorite families on the planet! 

My cute parents in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach!
It was really great to see people from my mission, that was really the highlight. So grateful for the good people in California!

I love you, California! Thanks for the good time!

Also, I love you Daddy. Thanks for taking us there. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

(mini) Family Reunion!!!!! At the temple, of all places.

A couple weeks ago we took the long trip up to Utah to see my sister Caitie go through the temple. This was actually really brave of us because our car has no air conditioning. Caitie is going on her mission to Bakersfield California on July 24 and we are so stoked for her. It was so great for 2/3 of my immediate family to be together PLUS one wonderful aunt. And a bunch of wonderful friends.

We had lunch with Terry's friends and roommates since freshman year, and their wives. It was SOOO FUN! I loved it because I got to do girl stuff like sit with all the other wives and hold the baby and talk about the upcoming baby and talk about every girl's favorite subject: BABY NAMES!!! (Am I right on this one ladies?) It was just one of the most fun couple of hours and it made both me and Terry really miss all of our old friends and the good ole' college days. However, as we were driving through Provo we both decided that it's good that we have moved on. It's time for a new phase of life.

Also, right after we left we both said,


(happened just like that, I swear).

So I guess that will have to be one of those memories we keep in our heart instead of on our hard drive.

And to make up for it I took a ton of pictures at the temple later that day.

The Salt Lake Temple is the most photogenic building ever (fact).

The fam with that one wonderful aunt I was talking about.
My burn sister. I love you, Manz. If you look really close you can see a three-legged cat in the background named Julia. 

The Philburn Clan. We miss you, Eric Steven and Em!
My parents and Caitie.
3/4ths of the girls. We love each other.
I love this man. So glad he's mine forever.
We love you Caitie! So proud of you little sister.
 Thanks Utah, for a good time, 80 degree weather, and people we love.

Friday, May 31, 2013

And then we picked peaches!

A couple weeks ago I was going through the mail when I spied this ad for a peach festival at a local peach farm. U-Pick peaches and homemade peach ice cream? Probably the best idea ever. So needless to say, I waited with ANTICIPATION for last Saturday. 

You could say it went above and beyond my greatest expectations.

We also got to go with some friends we really like who just moved down here, which also added to the overall greatness of the day. Thanks, Ericksons, for such a fun day! 

The homemade peach ice cream cones were only ONE dollar. ONE! I can't think of a better way to spend a dollar. Best ice cream cone of my life. Our friends also tried the PEACH CINNAMON ROLL???!!!!!!! Also delicious.

There was also a tent where you could sample and buy lots of things made from peaches on the farm. Everything was delicious. Terry really liked the peach chipotle and peach gummy bears and I liked all the sweet peach stuff- jam, syrup, ice cream topping, gummy bears and candies. We didn't buy anything though and good thing...because after that we took the hayride out to the orchard and picked peaches. 

Yes, you are looking at 15 pounds of peaches in that box.

They are the best peaches I have ever tasted. We ate a bunch of them already and we also made a peach crisp on Monday and it was the best peach crisp I have ever had. Seriously, these peaches are amazing. Since peaches don't last very long we cut up and froze the ones we couldn't eat, so now we can make peach treats all summer long. Come and visit us and maybe we will share. :)  Hopefully this U-Pick orchard is open more than once a year at the Peach Festival because I don't think I can wait a whole year for these peaches again!

P.S. So proud of myself for taking so many pictures at this. We do lots of fun things, but I normally forget to photographically document it, so this is kind of a big deal. Also this was maybe just a teeny bit funner than most other fun things we do. So just a teeny bit more deserving of photos.

P.P.S. Also did you notice Terry and I color coordinated our outfits? Totally an accident. Also, probably a sign.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Make Your Husband's 25th Birthday the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!

1. Plan a surprise party for him.

2. Accidentally forget to close out of a word document that has listed all the people who are coming and all the activities you are going to do, so that he finds it.

3. Carry on as if he knows nothing.

4. Make him a mad lib and get lots of his family and friends to fill it out and then give them to him on his birthday.

5. Try three times to make a homemade piñata because you're too cheap to pay $15 for one at Target. Finally succeed with the most ghetto piñata ever beheld by human eyes.

6. Order his gift from....AMAZON! All males love Amazon.

7. Make funfetti cake. And cupcakes.

8. Look up a cake frosting tutorial because frosting cakes is actually really hard. And usually when you do it it looks unedible. Go crazy with frosting colors while you're at it.

9. Take him on a surprise date to get him out of his house before the surprise birthday party.

10. Make sure part of that surprise date includes helping friends move, and since it is a surprise and he doesn't know make sure he is wearing flip flops for this.

11. Stay up until midnight on his birthday eve so you can give him his gift as soon as it becomes his birthday. Because you just can't keep the secret anymore, and because staying up until midnight is fun.

So proud of this birthday cake. I know it's really not very impressive, but I have never done anything like this before. Two-layer AND food colored frosting AND no crumbs in the frosting!

Part of our surprise birthday date included going to the Arizona Natural History Museum, where we got to pan for gold. I panned this little speck on my finger up for Terry. 

Digging up dinosaur bones at the Museum. 

He's a natural.
Can you tell that is us on the screen? One of the exhibits was on Arizona and the movies.

Then we found a hidden dirt road...in the middle of Phoenix (literally). Worth documenting.
With his cake at his surprise party.
With his cake and the maker of his cake at his surprise party. 
The cake all lit up! 
And then on his real birthday, the next day. I made him a totally different cake (gateau) because it is his favorite. Much more delicious than funfetti cake, believe it or not. 
We just re=used the candles and the banner. How green of us. 
So hopefully that answers any questions you had about 25th birthday's and making them awesome. And now you know how we spent Terry's. 

P.S. I got the free printable banner for Terry's cake here: http://www.yellowblissroad.com/2013/03/printable-chalkboard-alphabet-cake.html
Kind of adorable, huh?