Thursday, January 31, 2013

Delighted to Announce...

1. We made a whole 10 cents on interest this period. Woo-woo!

 2. It was sooo warm out today that I wore SANDALS when I walked to the store. And no jacket. Love this weather. Here's a nice shot of my feet loving warm, sunshiney Arizona.

3. I am officially on page 1,825 out of 5,163 in Les Mis. I'm reading it on my phone, so there's only like 3 lines a page. It probably is somewhere around page 800 in the normal-sized book.

4. The tree right outside our house is covered in teeny green buds. What? It's January. Again, I love this weather.

 5. I got these little treasures for $3.68 each at Pier 1 today. Yes, those are flameless LED candles you're looking at.

6. And last but not least....our couch came on Monday! It was delivered, oh, 6+ hours late but who cares! We have a couch! Terry has found a new love, and she is named our couch. What can I say, she's a beauty.


  1. Fun!!! I'm can't believe it's that warm in other parts of the's been below zero here so often, then, this weekend when it was 30 degrees I thought it was like a heat wave! Also I love your new candles, and your couch. And that you updated your blog...and I love you!
    Love, Rachel