Friday, January 18, 2013

Phoenix, Phoenix!

Oh hey, in case you haven't heard, we moved to PHOENIX!

So far, so good. We really like it.

I took tons of pictures on the drive down because there were TONS of cactuses (cacti?) on the drive down just growing in the desert and I have never seen anything like that before.  Cactuses are HUGE, btw.

We live in a nice, pretty new, CONDO with a GARAGE and an actual DINING SPACE and 2 BEDROOMS and 2 1/2 BATHS and 2 WALK-IN CLOSETS!!! Counting the garage it is three stories high. Pretty fancy in my opinion. It's a huge upgrade from our basement apartment in Provo. But I do have to admit I am missing some of the things about our basement in Provo that gave it so much character. For example, the built in bookcase. And our great neighbors. And our yard. And the white wood paneling on the bedroom wall (our walls- and carpet- here are all tan...not what I would have done but we are making it work).

Terry likes his job so far. He has been doing tons of trainings but is actually getting to start to work with his team on stuff for his clients. Everyone he works with is really nice and friendly too.

I took a picture of him on his first day of work. I love this man.

AND I just bought a groupon for a Bikram Yoga class. Apparently its like hot yoga, but different (I obviously haven't gone yet). So, hopefully that goes well. If not, well, it was only 12 bucks.

I miss all of you and I hope you are doing well! Come visit us in Phoenix! We have two bedrooms, remember?

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  1. Sure wish I had 12 bucks to throw away on things that I may or may not like. Love the first day at work photo though