Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Soooo...now we love baseball

We have had so much family (and so many friends!) in town lately which has been SOOOOO fun. Two weekends ago this girl came to visit:

Obviously I love her a lot.  I feel like I haven't had good one on one time with her in years, so it was nice to spend some "sister-time".

Highlights of our weekend included going on a 3 mile run through my favorite neighborhood in Phoenix (yes, 3 whole miles), lots of shopping, and eating dinner at my new favorite burger restaurant in Phoenix (Zinburger, get "The Ringer" burger. And yes Terry and I did go there four times in one month).  We ate with Court's childhood best friend and her boy, who just happen to live in Phoenix. Terry and I really like them too. It's nice to have old friends in a new place.

So I totally forgot to even take any pictures with Courtney but luckily, she remembered.
After Target and Sprouts! Court didn't even take the sticker off her sunglasses, she was so excited.
The Wedam/Philburn clan at Zinburger. Terry's waving at the camera.

Terry's friend Andy just got a job where Terry works and he stayed with us for a few weeks while he was looking for housing. So on Saturday Courtney, Andy and I went to Marshall's while Terry stayed home and studied for his next test. At Marshall's Andy found a nice chair on sale for a great deal and he decided to get it. The only problem is that we drive a Honda Civic, and so does Andy. And Honda Civic's are TINY! There are a lot of things you can't fit into them, including a chair! So after contemplating borrowing a shopping cart to push it home, we ended up calling Terry, who being the man that he is, carried the chair back to our house on his back. Luckily we live 2 blocks from the store.

Andddd for some reason I didn't take a picture of this? 

The highlight of Court's visit was going to a Diamondbacks baseball game. When Terry and I were dating I told him I thought baseball was the most boring sport and I would never watch it. Then we moved here and went to 3 baseball games in a month, and I realized that I actually DO like baseball.  And now I even have a favorite baseball player.
He plays for the Dodgers, and his name is Hyun-Jin Ryu. He's from Korea (who knew baseball was big in Korea??). He actually just became a major league baseball player THIS MONTH. AND at the game we went to he hit the ball every single time, and made it on base I think 90% of the time. So there was always action when he was up to bat. Which I am a fan of. He's also a pretty good pitcher. 

I did remember to take a few pictures with Terry at the game, this one being my favorite.

Happy Baseball Season everyone!