Friday, May 31, 2013

And then we picked peaches!

A couple weeks ago I was going through the mail when I spied this ad for a peach festival at a local peach farm. U-Pick peaches and homemade peach ice cream? Probably the best idea ever. So needless to say, I waited with ANTICIPATION for last Saturday. 

You could say it went above and beyond my greatest expectations.

We also got to go with some friends we really like who just moved down here, which also added to the overall greatness of the day. Thanks, Ericksons, for such a fun day! 

The homemade peach ice cream cones were only ONE dollar. ONE! I can't think of a better way to spend a dollar. Best ice cream cone of my life. Our friends also tried the PEACH CINNAMON ROLL???!!!!!!! Also delicious.

There was also a tent where you could sample and buy lots of things made from peaches on the farm. Everything was delicious. Terry really liked the peach chipotle and peach gummy bears and I liked all the sweet peach stuff- jam, syrup, ice cream topping, gummy bears and candies. We didn't buy anything though and good thing...because after that we took the hayride out to the orchard and picked peaches. 

Yes, you are looking at 15 pounds of peaches in that box.

They are the best peaches I have ever tasted. We ate a bunch of them already and we also made a peach crisp on Monday and it was the best peach crisp I have ever had. Seriously, these peaches are amazing. Since peaches don't last very long we cut up and froze the ones we couldn't eat, so now we can make peach treats all summer long. Come and visit us and maybe we will share. :)  Hopefully this U-Pick orchard is open more than once a year at the Peach Festival because I don't think I can wait a whole year for these peaches again!

P.S. So proud of myself for taking so many pictures at this. We do lots of fun things, but I normally forget to photographically document it, so this is kind of a big deal. Also this was maybe just a teeny bit funner than most other fun things we do. So just a teeny bit more deserving of photos.

P.P.S. Also did you notice Terry and I color coordinated our outfits? Totally an accident. Also, probably a sign.


  1. This looks SO fun! I want to be there with you! Where is this miss whitney?! Love you!

  2. Ames! I miss you! This was in Queen Creek AZ, we are living in Phoenix. How are you guys? How's California?

  3. Looks like it was a blast!! Miss you bunches! <3 Love you!!