Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Make Your Husband's 25th Birthday the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!

1. Plan a surprise party for him.

2. Accidentally forget to close out of a word document that has listed all the people who are coming and all the activities you are going to do, so that he finds it.

3. Carry on as if he knows nothing.

4. Make him a mad lib and get lots of his family and friends to fill it out and then give them to him on his birthday.

5. Try three times to make a homemade piñata because you're too cheap to pay $15 for one at Target. Finally succeed with the most ghetto piñata ever beheld by human eyes.

6. Order his gift from....AMAZON! All males love Amazon.

7. Make funfetti cake. And cupcakes.

8. Look up a cake frosting tutorial because frosting cakes is actually really hard. And usually when you do it it looks unedible. Go crazy with frosting colors while you're at it.

9. Take him on a surprise date to get him out of his house before the surprise birthday party.

10. Make sure part of that surprise date includes helping friends move, and since it is a surprise and he doesn't know make sure he is wearing flip flops for this.

11. Stay up until midnight on his birthday eve so you can give him his gift as soon as it becomes his birthday. Because you just can't keep the secret anymore, and because staying up until midnight is fun.

So proud of this birthday cake. I know it's really not very impressive, but I have never done anything like this before. Two-layer AND food colored frosting AND no crumbs in the frosting!

Part of our surprise birthday date included going to the Arizona Natural History Museum, where we got to pan for gold. I panned this little speck on my finger up for Terry. 

Digging up dinosaur bones at the Museum. 

He's a natural.
Can you tell that is us on the screen? One of the exhibits was on Arizona and the movies.

Then we found a hidden dirt the middle of Phoenix (literally). Worth documenting.
With his cake at his surprise party.
With his cake and the maker of his cake at his surprise party. 
The cake all lit up! 
And then on his real birthday, the next day. I made him a totally different cake (gateau) because it is his favorite. Much more delicious than funfetti cake, believe it or not. 
We just re=used the candles and the banner. How green of us. 
So hopefully that answers any questions you had about 25th birthday's and making them awesome. And now you know how we spent Terry's. 

P.S. I got the free printable banner for Terry's cake here:
Kind of adorable, huh?


  1. Best birthday EVER! I LOVE your cake Whit- it's so dang cute! And Happy Birthday to Terry!
    Love you Whit-
    Love, Rachel

    1. Thanks Rach! I love you! Miss you a lot! Ummm have you decided to move to AZ to be my neighbor yet????

  2. You are probably the most adorable wife ever. And I love that I read your blog earlier today and now have comments on my blog from you tonight! Can we please simultaneously blogstalk more often?! :)

    1. Hahaha. Oh I love that that happened. And YES please! You are adorable and I'm so glad we are friends!