Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pictures from Walks

I've been so surprised at how beautiful Phoenix is in the spring. I was expecting dirt and dust and brown all year, but spring really threw me for a loop. Flowering trees and bushes (and cacti!) everywhere, patches of green grass around the city, trees in full out leafy splendor, starting in about...February! I feel as though March is really the month of months around here. Everything is fully blooming and the weather is perfect, not too hot, not to cold. April came with a few 100 degree days, and those are starting to seem like the norm in May. But last week, we had a break from 100 degree weather and it was in the 80's basically all week. What a tender mercy, seriously. I got out and walked around while I still could, and realized I had only taken a few pictures of this beautiful spring, so I took a few more. Like, every five feet actually. Most of these are from my walks last week but a few are from previous walks this spring. And they pretty much all have filters because....those are so fun.
I love the reflection on that glass building. I know, not nature.
Somebody PLEASE tell me how to get onto that roof!

A wall of flowers. Bougainvillea are one of my favorites (the pink ones).

Walls of flowers on both sides of the road.

Heather at Trader Joe's a month or so ago. Still kicking myself for not buying any.

Cacti in bloom in the desert.

These trees are my favorite. I've got to figure out what they're called.

                                    Annnnnd Terry and I also discovered we both have moles in between the same                                     toes on the left foot. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.
Happy Spring to everyone in parts of the country where it's just happening! Enjoy!

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