Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sonnet James (aka best dresses ever)

So last week I was doing my thing, surfing the web, when I discovered Sonnet James. Sonnet James is a company started this year, I believe and it's tag line is "play dresses for playful moms".

So I instantly fell in love with these dresses. Especially, The Stella. Also, The Alexa. Okay, and The Chloe and The Teddy. I actually like them all.

Unfortunately, the dress I was prepared to buy (The Stella) was sold out in my size. So I emailed Whitney, the genius behind Sonnet James and she told me that she was starting a Kickstarter (it's that online fundraising program) this weekend to fund Sonnet James. Right now Sonnet James is only able to carry dresses in sizes extra small and small, because of production costs. The Kickstarter funds will be used to produce dresses in sizes medium and large as well, so women of all shapes and sizes can enjoy these beauties.

Also, the dresses normally retail for $78-$98, with $98 being more of the norm. Something great about the kickstarter is that the first 100 people to donate $65 + get a free dress as a reward. So you get a $98 dollar dress for $65 (or more, depending on your generosity/budget). So, also a great deal.

And guess what! As of last night, the kickstarter is UP!!!!! Here's the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1378041729/sonnet-james-play-dresses-for-playful-moms.

I love these dresses for several reasons. First of all, they are beautiful and flattering. Second of all, they are durable, and you are able to move around in them. Third, you can wear them both in and out of pregnancy. Fourth, they are modest and keep us ladies covered up in all the places we want to be covered up, especially when we are playing with kids, or out running errands, or WHATEVER! And lets be honest, a good looking, durable, non-fussy modest dress can be hard to find.

So go check the dresses out and go support a great cause!


  1. Hi Whitney! Thank you so much for posting such great things about my dresses! It is so nice of you and it's great to know that other women were having a hard time finding a good dress just like me!

    I really appreciate the support!

    1. Girl! Thank YOU! And good luck with the kickstarter!