Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Can't decide if I'm ready for September or not.

So today has been a HUGELY successful organization/planning my life day (so far). I had one of those last week too, so hopefully this trend continues? I spent a lot of the morning reserarching/brainstorming ideas for one of the three big "events" I am in charge of next month. Ummm, seriously, "events"? Three? I am the worst event planner/make-it-happener ever. I can't even get young women's started on time every Wednesday. I don't even like parties. (That's a lie...) And everything in me has for so long been anti-cheesy decorations and themes and invites and favors and centerpieces and etc and etc and etc that come with "events" and now i have to figure that out and somehow make it not cheesy? So I am kind of feeling like I have three elephants on my plate and I have to eat all of them within one month??? Anyway.

I'm planning/in charge of:

1. Young Women in Excellence (I have NO idea what I'm doing, just in general, but especially here)
NOTE: All the frustration/anti-cheesey feelings expressed in the above paragraph are ALL in relation to this event. The bottom two will be really fun and I am looking forward to them. And I'm looking forward to this, too, really. Mostly once it's planned.

2. The first monthly meeting of the Phoenix Picnic Club (My mother-in-law already hooked me up with great invite ideas-phew!)

3. A baby shower. I just went to one last month with the best games, so I am just gonna use those.

So this morning amidst organizing my young women binder and researching/brainstorming ideas for Young Women in Excellence, I started thinking about all the things I am doing in September. Those three things. Plus somewhere along the way I decided it is time to do a major declutter/organization of my whole life. Started last week, so that is technically an August and September project, but in my mind August is already gone. And in real life it basically is too. When did that happen?

And then I just got carried away, and I even wrote down my big projects/"events" for September and October. And then I started thinking of November and December, which of course include my anniversary and the holidays, so those months are already booked.

And then it seemed to me that 2013 is basically already over.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

The good news is it motivates me to do more stuff so I actually have something to show for this year.

Which is probably why I wrote all of this on here?

And why I am putting these pictures right here at the end. Because this month I also discovered I can layer filter upon filter on my favorite camera app. Don't even ask how many filters it took to get the grass looking so green.

I know my fingers are in the way, but for some reason I just think this is the coolest picture.

How cute is he. This is actually a selfie, Terry's into that in case you didn't know.

Hahaha...This is not a selfie. Mine never turn out this hilarious.

The end.