Thursday, February 6, 2014


On the first day of Valentine's, my true love gave to me
A bike ride to 7-11 to get slushies

Last week marked the start of our yearly Valentine's advent calendar and day one's activity was to re-create our first date. Terry still has the shorts he wore (pictured) and I still have the pants and shoes (not pictured) so we even tried to wear the same outfits. I paid, because I did, and after we bought them we sat and watched the beautiful Arizona sunset.

We definitely have an upgraded bike this time, and Terry is totally in love with it. We've been saving up forever to both get Workcycles, I got one in July and his just came in January. We took his. It doesn't have pegs, but I had the option to sit on the front rack or the front seat that mysteriously came with it when it was shipped to us. We didn't order it, but we think that since they forgot to ship it to us for about two weeks after we bought it, it was a little apology gift. 

I know this picture has a bunch of office buildings and stoplights and cars in it, but I still really like it. I like it because we walk past these office buildings and stoplights every day, they are part of the scenery of our life. I also like it because the sunset really was beautiful that night. I like it most of all because it's a reminder of something simple and meaningful that we did together. 

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