Sunday, February 16, 2014


Terry's parents are in town and yesterday we went to Lost Dutchman State Park to do a little bit of hiking. The desert was really beautiful and green (for the desert). We take whatever green we can get down here. That giant rock is, I believe, part of the Superstition Mountains, and you can see it from a long way off on the interstate. I've admired it from afar for a long time and it was fun to get closer. 

So far February has been a super love-able month. I can't believe 7 weeks of 2014 have already slipped away. I have accomplished a lot but still have TONS to do before 20/52 (maybe sooner, fingers crossed!). Side note, this is also my last week of being in my second trimester. So, pressure is on! I made a goal this month to do some organization, which I did and I feel great about. There's still lots to do but I finished the portion I wanted to. I also made a goal to make a yarn pom-pom garland. For the nursery, naturally. I haven't started that yet and I can feel it looming above my head....



  1. That's a beautiful picture! And a yarn garland will be darling- you'll have to put up a picture when you get it done. I watched Amelie the other day and wished you were here to watch it with me! Also, I thought this blog post was neat- it's a collection of artwork that this woman would buy for Amelie...if she was a real's creative anyways, and I thought you might like it too :)
    Hope you're doing wonderful- I just loved seeing you and Terry- and am so excited for your new little family member! Love you girl :)

    1. Rach! Thank you! And I loved the Amelie post, I follow that blog on pinterest and it always has great pictures, but I never would have found it if you wouldn't have told me. I DID finish the garland and hung it up and the nursery is looking pretty adorable, I'll put a picture up soon. Anyway, love you girl. Terry and I loved seeing you too! We should make that happen again before too long.