Monday, March 17, 2014


29 1/2 weeks pregnant!

I've been feeling really great, the little guy is really healthy (and BIG), and I even finished that pom-pom garland for the nursery. Which is looking ADORABLE.

The only weird thing that has been happening to me during pregnancy is leg cramps??? Who knew?

We are SOOO excited to meet this little boy. One of my favorite parts of the week is reading about how he is developing this week in my baby book/all the emails I get sent. Another favorite part is poking my belly and trying to figure out which body part I'm poking (I always hope it's not his face...) He moves a lot when there is music, or when I talk or sing to him, especially this song. Which is hilarious, because this is THE song I remember from my childhood. I even would sing this one in my head when I was scared or thinking about something I shouldn't have, instead of humming my favorite hymn. My dad really liked this song too, which is why I listened to it so much growing up, so there's got to be some 90's-music-loving chromosome I am passing down. Huzzah.


A few saturdays ago, Terry woke me up pretty early and said, "Do you hear that?" It was RAIN. Coming down HARD. What a treat. 

So obviously we stayed inside most of the day with our patio door open so we could just enjoy the sound and the smell of it.

Here's to more rainy saturdays.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


When Terry's parents were in town we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens*. They are having a really great blown glass exhibit by Chihuly right now. The giant colorful thing behind us is one of the biggest Chihuly pieces in the garden. We hear the garden is lit up at nighttime and just really beautiful. That is on our to-do list before our little guy gets here.

*All four of us rode our bikes from our house to the Botanical Gardens. It ended up being 15 miles (I was 27 weeks pregnant too!). It was so fun. Basically, we love our workcycles.