Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I noticed when Terry and I were dating that he liked to cook-which was great, because I didn't. My culinary skills were limited to boiling pasta and frying an egg. Literally. After we got married, and my cooking-less skills resulted in Terry dropping 10-15 pounds, I started to feel really guilty and learned to cook so I could feed my starving husband (literally). When I say I learned to cook, I mean Terry taught me how to cook. Also, I used Pinterest. Between the two of them I feel pretty confident in my cooking abilities and the biggest miracle is that I actually LIKE to cook now?!?!?!? (WHO AM I?)

Last year for my birthday Terry got me Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" cookbooks. These books are really great because they aren't only full of recipes, they also give step-by-step techniques. So you really can "master the art of French cooking" rather than just make a bunch of French food. We have slowly been mastering a few recipes  and a few weeks prior to this picture Terry got the burning desire to learn how to roast a chicken. Which sounds really simple and unimpressive, but we had just had really delicious roast chicken at a restaurant and we realized we had no idea how to make a chicken taste that good, but Julia probably did. It wasn't just about roasting the chicken, but also about learning to make the most delicious fowl we had ever digested.

I would say we nailed it. The chicken was really, really, really, really moist/juicy/delicious/everything we dreamed it would be (thanks Julia).

This is Terry, on a Sunday afternoon, carving his prize bird with care.

P.S. I love this man.

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