Monday, May 12, 2014

Slacker Weeks, or Weeks 16-17/52

Terry's parents came for a quick weekend visit, and this was one of two pictures I snapped the whole weekend. The other one was just of those rocks in the background, so I figured this was the most interesting of the two. Gotta love a family photo where everyone is totally candid and unaware that I am taking a picture of them. Also gotta love Terry's Green Bay Packers hat that is literally from the 1990's (does that make it vintage?)
It's great when Terry's parents come visit because they love the outdoors and we always find that we are a little more active when they are here (when they came in February we did a bit of hiking by the Superstition Mountains, and then rode our bikes 15 miles to the botanical gardens).  This weekend we took it easy with a quick hike in the Dreamy Draw Mountain Preserve. Good thing we are so active when they come, because we also eat more delicious food with them than with any other people. Partly because they spoil us, and partly because Terry's dad is more obsessed with candy than I am, if that is possible (he even gives my dad a run for his money!). This weekend we went to a few delicious restaurants, ate a few good meals at home, and finished the weekend with a giant Easter Feast that we worked on for hours. Pork tenderloin, asparagus from our new favorite cookbook (seriously so amazing), potatoes and carrots, italian sodas, and Terry finally nailed the french bread recipe he had been working on for three weekends (another one of Julia's).  Our friend also brought a delicious strawberry-rhubarb pie. Everything was delicious, and the company was the best, and it is what I should have taken a picture of, but I was too busy cooking and talking. So happy late Easter!


Went to the Botanical Gardens with a friend, and it was blooming and beautiful. Go in mid April to early May, you guys. I went three times in those three weeks and each time my breath was taken away. Gotta get in some green and some flowers before the heat really gets serious here and the whole entire world turns brown and all my plants sitting in pots on my patio die.

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