Monday, August 25, 2014

20 of 52

So, catch-up!

I've been taking these pictures all along, I just haven't had time to post them. Or, really even look at them after I took them.

May 18, 2014. The day before Terry turned 26. The day before Abe was due to be born. The day my parents and brother were randomly in town after a work trip in California (hoping to witness a birth, to no avail). The day Terry requested corn dogs and tater-tots for his birthday dinner, upon which we feasted. The day I made Terry his official birthday cake for the third year in a row (he accepts none other but Royal Chocolate Fudge Gateau). The day I realized I forgot to buy a "6" candle, but it was a Sunday (thus the "25" and a lit match in other photos). A good day. A good week. Full of so much anticipation.

Terry's birthday traditions are these: eat Royal Chocolate Fudge Gateau, pick out a birthday dinner the Sunday of his birthday, and go on a birthday date with me on his actual birthday. 

This is how the birthday date goes. I think of some places to eat, write them down on slips of paper, and put them in a hat. Then I think of some fun things to do, write them down on slips of paper, and put them in a hat. Then Terry draws the date from the hat. I first did this the year we were dating. We ended up eating at a Chinese place we had gone together with friends when we were first introduced. It was the place that we sat across from each other and talked the whole time, so I guess you could say sparks were flying. ;) Also, you can get a giant Chinese meal there for $5, so we kind of love it. I think there's only one waiter because we got the same one every single time we went. I wasn't trying to be cheap on his birthday, I put some expensive places in the hat too, but he just happened to draw the Chinese restaurant. Then we went to this park where I gave him his gift. I don't remember what we did after that, but it must have been awesome because later on that night was our first kiss. Awwww.  

The second year we did this was the first year we were married, living in our little basement in Provo, but we just so happened to be visiting my family in Tennessee that year. I don't remember anything about what we did or where we ate that year but I remember we went and jumped on the trampoline at the very end.

The third year we did this was our first year here in Phoenix. We did the date on the 18th since his birthday was on a Sunday. We helped some friends move, and then Terry drew the place to eat but didn't want to eat there, so somehow we ended up at Smashburger. Then we went to a park and picked our baby names (we weren't pregnant or even trying at the time, but obviously I was super baby hungry). Then we came home where I had a SURPRISE PARTY planned for Terry. Which he actually found out about before, but he thought it was going to happen the next day on his actual birthday, so he WAS surprised a little bit. Hallelujah!

This year, we had no idea if we would have a baby or not by or on his birthday, but turns out we didn't!  Although I did get my membranes stripped that morning. So we did the whole tradition. Except I think it's becoming part of the tradition for Terry to draw a place to eat, decide he doesn't want to eat there, and shuffle through the rest of the options until he picks one. This year we ended up at Potbelly's. Which I totally love. Then we came home and watched Top Gear, I had a few Braxton Hicks, and it was awesome.