Friday, September 26, 2014


25- The newborn startle reflex cracks me up.
26- My little boy, kissy me, my birthday. (One month and one day old for Abe!)
27- Abe's inquisitive face. Big eyes, pursed lips, arms out of course. Studying the alphabet flashcards hanging on the wall.
28- Getting a little more friendly with Fang, and smiling every. single. day.

Monday, September 15, 2014


Way back in October before we knew Abe's gender and before we had even told anyone we were having a baby, Terry and I were in Anthropologie and saw the cutest stuffed animal of my life.
Keep in mind I am not a stuffed animal person. I like books more. 
But it was a CROCODILE. (Okay, actually they call it "Ally the Aligator", but look at it's teeth! Outside of it's mouth. It's a croc.) We went home without it but I was back for it soon.Since "Ally the Crocodile" doesn't work quite the same way, we just dropped the whole alliteration thing and came up with the name Fang. 
So naturally we have been trying to trick Abe into liking Fang from birth. The first time Abe and Fang met, when Abe was just about a week old. 
(P.S. Abe's expression- cutest ever, right? Believe it or not, he's getting pretty fond of Fang now).

Maybe it's a gassy smile he's hiding behind his little hand, but I think he just really likes to play with his dad.

One of my favorite pictures from that dreamy three weeks Terry got off work when Abe was born. Light-filled afternoons and newborn cuddles. Always wanting to be near our little boy.


Our very new little Abe and his dad on Sunday morning before we left the hospital. 
I feel all the time that all my dreams have come true.