Sunday, January 18, 2015

4 Months and On

4 months old and totally in love with that watermelon pillow
Stayed up late to see Dad after his recruiting trip to BYU and so we can start brainwashing you already (BYU or....there is no other option).
Mr. Smiley
Laughing at Dad, loving the outdoors. (At the Salt River).
All dressed up for Aunt Courtney's wedding.
Happy Halloween from Baby Mutant Ninja Turtle Raphae-Abe.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Knit Brows

Sleeping baby on a Sunday afternoon.
Pouty lips and cuddles with Dad.
Poking, prodding, chewing on, curious.
At the pool with Dad, we took his sun hat off for this picture so he is squinting.
Blessing Day. I just re-read his sweet baby blessing and got teary-eyed. There is so much good in this tiny boy.
This happens about 34 times a day.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Story of My Life.

Abe slept in this bassinet for his first few months and even though it's not particularly good-looking, I love pictures of him asleep in it. It's amazing how he looked so tiny in it at first but by the time we packed it up he filled it up.
Florida with my beach babe.
We're in Michigan at Sleeping Bear Dunes in this picture and Abe apparently wants to fist pump.
My sweet cousin in Michigan. She doted on Abe.

Yes, these pictures are all from 2014. So.....I still have a few birth announcements to send out too. Don't judge.

Thursday, January 8, 2015


You woke up from your nap this morning while I was in the room so I picked you up right away to nurse. I held you in front of my face for a moment, hoping to get a happy-to-see-you grin from you, but you just cried out, hungry. So I nursed you, and picked up my book. Then out of the blue, you raised up your head, looking at me, and there was that grin. That grin that makes me grin and swell up inside and pause and realize how fleeting your babyhood is and how sweet sweet this moment is. So I put down my book. You were looking at me, latched on, so I looked back. And I think I am sure, that even sweeter than the happy-to-see-you grins are the nursing smiles, eyes locked, love flowing.

Friday, January 2, 2015

My priorities

I've been thinking about these. I forget them, and then I find myself dried up. Worn out. Frustrated. Feeling like I've wasted my time. I want to do so many things and have to do so many things but most of all I want to be happy. Have peace. Love. Enjoy and appreciate and hope and learn and grow. I want these in my family and in myself.

How to untangle these three top priorities? They are really one. My marriage, my family, my faith.

Next, serving others out of love.

At the bottom, but much more important than social media. My health (exercise, sleep, food). My writing and memory keeping (any writing, photography/my art). Reading and learning. Funniness and fun.