Thursday, February 5, 2015


This definitely wasn't taken on his 5 month birthday. But yay, 5 months!
Also, he had been sitting up for a while and was pretty good at it, but the day before we took this picture he was in his bath, sitting up, and playing with some stacking cups we had in there. Somehow he lost his balance and fell- face first onto one of the stacking cups. Turns out the bottoms of the stacking cups have a little ridge (so they can stack) and it totally bruised his little cheek and near his eye. I felt so bad and we don't even let him take the cups in the bath anymore even though he'd probably be just fine these days.
It's so strange that only in early November- just a minute ago, right?- my baby was just 5 months old and not totally stable when he sat up. And now my baby is 8 months old and is crawling like crazy and pulling himself to stand and climbing up stairs and out of the bath and my goodness that happened quick.

One Sunday we wandered up to the Phoenix Temple to sit on the grass outside the grounds and enjoy the evening. The temple is beautiful and the land around it is too- rolling hills, great sunsets. A place of peace.
I used a photoshop action I found online on this photo. Too much? Too green? Too fake looking? I haven't decided.
On his 6 month birthday, out for a walk to a friend's early Thanksgiving gathering.
Abe did a little swim class that is offered free to babies up to 6 months old and on his last day Terry came up with us on his lunch break. This swimming class was the highlight of Abe's week so watching Terry go through it with him pretty much made my heart explode. But not literally.
Just my smiley baby boy all decked out in his Sunday best.
The drool on his lip makes it look like he has a tooth. Don't be fooled.
One of Abe's favorite places in our home is the sliding glass door where he can crawl up to it and look and look and look out. I think I took this picture the week he figured that crawling thing out, so the fact that i caught him mid-crawl in a location he got to himself is kinda a big deal (to me).
We DID get some pictures Christmas morning and they are cute and everything, but this one of Abe napping on Terry the day after Christmas is actually cuter. In my opinion.
On the last day of the year, my baby met his great-grandparents Edgley. And here he is napping in one of their beds on the same day.

And the 52 project 2014 is done, only a little over a month late. So proud.