Friday, April 24, 2015


Last Friday we were playing in my room. You of course were naked except a diaper, because you have some eczema we are trying to clear up, and because you are adorable in just a diaper, and because dressing you is a wrestling match and I was still gathering my stamina.
We were playing in my room and you had the beach ball you use in the tub, rolling around with it, bear hugging it. Then you got distracted by the plugs in the wall, which lead to you getting distracted by my legs, which lead to you getting distracted by the chair and pulling yourself up to stand over me. Looking down at me. Curly hairs and baby skin all aglow from the sun, it was late afternoon. Big brown eyes, you must have the wisdom of the ages in them, how old are you, baby boy?
You stood for a minute looking at me, my wise little one.
Then you lunge for me, give me hugs and big open mouth kisses where you press those two bottom teeth into my jawline, and you are my baby again, 10-almost-11 months old.
I knew that being a mother would be good, but watching this little person inside you make his way out, I didn't know anything could be so good.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that's Abe now! He's so big and handsome!