Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Maker of Home: At Home with Madame Chic

I have a lot of thoughts about the word homemaker. Maybe someday I'll share more of these thoughts,  but basically, I love this word and I think it shouldn't get a bad rap.

I also am really bad at cleaning and if you ask me I will tell you I hate cleaning. But I love my house to be clean. So having a cleaning lady is basically my idea of heaven.

A few weeks ago I was reading the book At Home with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott and the homemaker inside me was inspired. The book isn't break through ideas or incredibly beautiful writing, it's just one woman talking about learning to love homemaking. It was the beginning of the book that I really appreciated (I kind of skimmed the end). I take notes when I'm reading books, so here are a few notes from this book:

      There was this whole section on falling in love with your home again. Which is what I need to work on feeling. "We must hold on to these dreams [of a new home], but in the meantime we must not wish away the life we currently have." So, learn to thrive where you are now.

She says, "the more you can love your home, the more you'll want to take care of it." Enjoy the process of taking care of your home. She also says, "This is where simple pleasures are born. It's the small things that can bring so much joy into your day. You will never feel bored or restless when doing housework if you take pleasure and pride in the details of how it's done." She says that details are the key to connoisseurship. 

She wakes up to the sound of Tibetan bells (on her alarm clock). Doesn't that sound amazing?

"Whatever you do, do something to remind yourself that you are alive."

Okay those are my notes.

It's kind of amazing how much my attitude about cleaning changed from reading this. It's been easier for me to focus on how good I'm going to feel about my home and how good I'm going to feel about myself for cleaning. It's been easier for me to see cleaning not as a chore but as something...pleasant? (Who am I???). Not that I clean THAT much more. Baby steps. 

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